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04 August 2011 @ 01:02 pm
Fic: How Heavy Do I Journey On The Way (1/2)  
Title: How Heavy Do I Journey On The Way (1/2)
Author(s): brisync
Artist: ritalaura2000
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not associated with As The World Turns, CBS or P&G. I don't own these boys.
Characters/Pairings: Luke/Noah
Word Count: 12,451
Warnings: M/m, underage, violence, hate speech.
Summary: Luke and Noah meet as sophomores in high school. They help one another discover themselves, and Luke helps Noah escape a violent father.
Author’s Notes: This is by far the longest thing I have ever written. I am proud of myself for finishing. I had no Beta, so all mistakes are my own. Thank you to all my Twitter friends for being my constant cheerleaders. I love you all. Thanks to ritalaura2000 for making my awesome art :)
Link to Art Master Post: ritalaura2000.livejournal.com/628.html

Noah hated being the new kid on base. He hated not knowing his way around. He hated being new in school, and teachers making him stand in front of the class. It made him nervous. The moves stressed the Colonel out, which stressed Noah out. He knew anything he did could set his father off. Noah didn't want to start school with a black eye.

That had only ever happened once. Noah was 12. He had been late coming home from a friend's house and had not called. After several minutes of yelling and shaming, Winston shoved his son. Noah then tripped and hit his face on the side of the dining room table. It wasn't what Winston had intended. He never left visible marks. Noah had run to his room, and thrown himself onto his bed. He muffled his cries against his pillow, not wanting his father to hear him. He'd explained away the blacks and blues with a story of tripping over his tennis shoes.

Now Noah was 15, and he was coming into a new school in the middle of his sophomore year. This was something new, though. He was going to be attending Oakdale Public High School. Noah had never gone to public school before. His new home, Fort Hollings, didn't have enough kids to constitute a private school, so Winston had grudgingly agreed to send his son to public school.

Noah wore a simple dark blue hoodie, and pair of jeans for his first day. He'd learned that no matter what the fashion sense of a new school consisted of, jeans and a hoodie could not be made fun of. It was cold outside, and he rubbed his hands together as he stepped off of the bus that transported him from the base. His breath ghosted in front of him. The campus was larger than Noah had expected for such a small town. He and his father had visited a few days earlier to get his schedule, and a tour.

His first class was English. He was fairly certain he remembered how to get there. Other students milled around the hallways, talking and making their way toward their classes. He'd never been around so many people his own age at once before. He liked it. He hiked his backpack up a bit on his shoulder, and eventually made his way to his class, sinking into a seat at the back of the room. It was only a week into the term, so he hadn't missed much of anything, as the first week was usually spent on the syllabus and introductions.

The classroom was old, but tidy. His desk was chipped at the corners. Someone named Ashley had carved that she loved a boy named Joey into the wood. Noah wondered how long ago that was, and if Ashley and Joey were still together somewhere.

“Noah Mayer?”

Hearing his name jerked Noah out of his thoughts. He hastily raised his hand, and mumbled that he was present. He took in his surroundings as a middle-aged, curly-haired woman, finished taking roll. The boys wore jeans, hoodies, and hats. They sipped on coffee and soda. They laughed, and hit one another, and pulled binders out of ratty backpacks. The girls were beautiful. They wore short skirts or tight jeans, and small t-shirts. ‘Weren’t they cold?’ he thought. He almost laughed to himself. Wrong thing to be thinking when seeing scantily dressed girls.

Class went by quickly. They were going to be studying The Lord of The Flies. Noah, of course, had already read it a hundred times over. He loved to read, and it was one of his favorites. He had DVDs of both versions of the movie. He preferred the black and white 1963 version, but the 1990 version still held some merit.

A girl sitting near him handed him his pencil when he dropped it, and she smiled at him, and whispered “Welcome to Oakdale,” as the teacher droned on.

Second period was math. Noah hated math, but he was pretty good at it. They took a quiz to test what they had retained from previous classes, and that took up most of the period. There were a few cute guys around here. None of them were quite Noah’s type, though; Not that he really knew what his type was.

He’d never had a boyfriend before. Never kissed a boy. Never held his hand. Never gone on a date and hugged him goodnight. Noah daydreamed about it often. The face of the boy in his fantasies was blurry. He didn’t have anyone in mind. He hoped he could meet someone. He wondered if there were even any gay kids at Oakdale High. It wasn’t a huge town, but there was bound to be one, right? Aside from himself? Because he was. He had finally come to admit that to himself. He was gay.

The bell ringing overhead signaled that it was time to leave. Noah’s third period was an elective. He’d chosen Shakespeare with Mrs. Ferguson. He’d never understood Shakespeare well, and really hoped to understand more. What he did know, he liked. The Bard wove magical stories featuring both thrilling action and all-consuming love.

Noah made his way through the hallways, and finally found room 207. Students poured into the room. They were all laughing, talking, and hugging. Noah was feeling very new. He dreaded what came after third period. Lunch. He would find some quiet place and eat alone. After a few weeks he would hopefully have a group he could sit with. He just hoped that he would be here long enough to make some friends. He didn’t want to move again. He needed a place to land.

Luke Snyder walked down the hall toward his third period class without really paying attention to what he was doing. His new cheerleader girlfriend hung onto his arm, wearing his letterman jacket. He loved playing basketball. It was an added bonus that it made him popular. Blond and bubbly Nicole didn’t care that he wasn’t very good, as long as she got to wear his jacket and talk about him to her friends.

They entered the classroom together. It had a large open space in the middle of the room, with theater style seating on three sides. He and Nicole found seats near the back. Nicole had chosen for them to take Shakespeare together, citing that it would be terribly romantic. Luke had agreed, not caring much about school anyway. He glanced around the room, as Nicole began to rapidly talk to two of her other blond friends. Max and Tyler were seated nearby. They were pretty nice guys. Luke had known them since elementary school. He continued to scan the room, hoping to maybe see his friend Kevin. He highly doubted Kevin could comprehend Shakespeare, but it was worth a chance. It would be nice to have his friend in class. Plus, Kevin was fun. He was funny. He was interesting. He was gorgeous. Luke inwardly kicked himself. No. No, he would not think about that.

Luke was suddenly stopped dead in his searching, when his eyes met the most brilliant blue he had ever seen. He quickly looked away. After a moment, he snuck a look back. The beautiful blue eyes belonged to an equally beautiful classmate. Luke had never seen him before. He had to be new. Everyone knew everyone around here. There was no way that he could have slipped under the radar. He was gorgeous. He had dark hair, and chiseled features. He kept his head down, and his body tucked in, as if for protection. He was scrawling slowly in a notebook. He was beautiful. Luke couldn’t help but stare. Yes, he was staring, and holy shit, beautiful blue eyes caught his again. He looked away with a snap of the head, and tried to will his thoughts away from thinking about how beautiful this boy was.

Noah liked to journal. He’d done it for years. He liked to keep a notebook, and just scribble down his feelings. He’d been minding his own business, writing about his day while he waited for class to start. Then he saw him. A shock of blond hair falling over deep brown eyes. He was a jock, arm draped around an annoying looking cheerleader wearing his letterman jacket. Noah looked away quickly when the boy caught his eye. He snuck a look again a moment later. This boy was gorgeous. The boy pushed a lock of blond hair off of his forehead, and Noah longed to be the one doing that. He ached to touch him. The boy met Noah’s eyes again. They stared at one another. Stared. Noah shivered as something passed between them. It was over in a moment. Blond Boy’s girlfriend was leaning over whispering something in his ear, and he was leaning in closer to her.

The only thing Noah learned in Shakespeare class that day was that Blond Boy’s name was Luke Snyder. He spent the rest of the class period trying to describe Luke in his notebook. He snuck looks at him every so often. Noah had never seen a boy so gorgeous.

Noah ate lunch alone in a deserted hallway, and spent the rest of the day hoping that Luke Snyder would be in another one of his classes. He was disappointed, though, to find out that he wasn’t. He would have to wait until tomorrow to see him again.

Luke kissed his girlfriend, Nicole, goodbye and made his way towards his truck. He leaned against the cool metal and waited for his sister, Faith, to meet him there. He couldn’t get his mind off of the new boy. Noah was his name. He was so tall and skinny. His eyes were so deep and blue. He seemed shy. It drove Luke crazy that he couldn’t stop thinking about him. He wasn’t…He wasn’t gay. He had a girlfriend. That counted for something, right? Why couldn’t he stop thinking about Noah?

“Earth to Luke.” He snapped his head up, and realized his younger sister was standing next to his truck staring at him. “What are you thinking about, Indy? I called you, like, 9 times.” Luke laughed softly at the nickname, left over from old childhood make believe games of Indiana Jones.

“Nothing, just spacing out.” He smiled, and walked to the passenger side of the old green truck, opening it for his sister. ‘Chivalry doesn’t have to be dead, Luke. Always be a gentleman.’ His Dad had taught him that, and he found that girls actually responded to it. The drive home was uneventful. So was the rest of the evening spent doing homework, and eating dinner. It wasn’t until he was at home, in bed with his laptop, that he thought of Noah again. Shivers went down his spine, and he tried not to think about very blue eyes as he fell asleep.

Noah walked home slowly. Base was only a 30 minute walk away, and he liked having the time to think. He knew his father wouldn’t be home until 5:45 pm. He was glad. He would have time to do homework, write, make sure the house was up to standards, and cook a meal by then. He really did like to cook. He had never had a mother around, so he had been cooking for himself most of his life. He ran through the day in his head. He liked this school. The students seemed friendly and relaxed. They all seemed like they had known one another since birth, and Noah wondered if maybe they really had. He would count himself lucky to have a friend he’d known for more than a year. His classes seemed interesting, and not too difficult, though he had a feeling he would hate Geometry.

Then there was Luke. Luke Snyder. Noah pictured him in his head and smiled. Shaggy blond hair, a slim build, and beautiful brown eyes that met his more than once. Noah felt something. He knew he did. There was a connection there. He was excited for school tomorrow.


English and Geometry were already starting to feel familiar to Noah. He walked through the small halls of Oakdale High to his 3rd period Shakespeare class. He was excited. He was anxious to see Luke again. He shoved his hands into the front pocket of his hoodie, and smiled at a girl from his English class who waved to him.

He found a seat in the theater style room, and tried to casually look around to spot Luke. He came in only a moment before the bell rang, and Noah smiled to himself. Luke was a much needed distraction from the nerves and loneliness that came from being the new kid. Today, he wore his letterman jacket over a blue and grey striped shirt. His jeans were a bit too loose for Noah’s liking. He couldn’t believe he was thinking about that. Was he really thinking about checking out Luke’s ass? Yes. Yes, he was. Proving Luke was perfect from head to toe, his feet were adorned with a simple pair of black Converse Chuck Taylors. Noah smiled, noticing that they were old and worn. They perfectly matched his own favorite pair of shoes.

Mrs. Ferguson called role, and launched into a discussion about a new project. She passed out paper outlining the project, which Noah scanned as she talked. As he read, he saw a word that made his stomach drop.


Noah hated partner projects. He never knew anyone well enough for him to be their first choice. He always got stuck with someone who no one else wanted to be partners with, or whoever was absent that day. He glanced around the room as people began to quietly pair up, shooting each other looks, or giving a thumbs up. Luke’s girlfriend clung to him, and he smiled at her. Noah’s stomach clenched. They were the perfect couple. That was what his father would want for him. If only he had a letterman jacket, and brought home a girl like Nicole Jacobs, his father would be proud of him.

Mrs. Ferguson’s voice cut through his misery as she continued to explain about the project. She explained that they would choose a Shakespeare play, and design it in a whole new way. She gave examples of a hippie culture, a futuristic world, or a children’s show. The project was all about imagination. A buzz of conversation began amongst the students, several of them throwing out ideas that they had.

“Hold on, guys.” Mrs. Ferguson held up her hands. “I will be choosing your partners.” And audible groan sounded throughout the classroom. “And no complaining, or it’s an automatic B!”

Mrs. Ferguson began reading off the pairs she had selected to work together, and the further she got down the list without reading Luke or Noah’s name, the more hope grew in Noah’s chest. He knew he shouldn’t get his hopes up. What were the chances, after all, that he would be paired with Luke? Hopefully he would get someone nice at least.

“Noah Mayer…” Noah held his breath “…with Luke Snyder.” Noah was absolutely dumbfounded, and his heart soared in his chest. “Everyone please find your partner, and find a quiet spot to discuss which play you will be selecting. It will probably be best if you exchange phone numbers, as a lot of this work will need to be done outside of class. Now get to it.”

Noah stood slowly, and looked across the room to Luke, who waved at him. He slung his backpack over his shoulder, and made his way over to Luke.

“Hey, I’m Noah.” He stuck his hand out for a handshake. Luke took his hand, and shook it firmly. His skin was soft. Noah had to tear his hand away.

“Luke. Nice to meet you. You new?”

“Does it show that much?” They both laughed softly. Luke had a gorgeous laugh.

“No, I just haven’t seen you around. This town is so small, it would be impossible that I hadn’t noticed you.” There was a sparkle in his eye. He looked at Noah in a way that made Noah blush down to his toes. He tried not to let it show. “Hey, so, did you want to go somewhere and get started on this project?”

Luke’s heart thumped loudly in his chest as he and Noah found a quiet spot in the hallway near their classroom. They both sank to the ground, and opened their notebooks. He couldn’t believe he had had the lucky fortune of getting Noah as his partner. He liked Nicole, but he knew that if they had been made to be partners, she would have been clinging to him even more than she was now. Plus, this was a chance to get to know Noah better. He seemed shy. Luke found that adorable.

“So, did you have any ideas for which play you want to pick?” Luke took the lead in the conversation, as he often did. Noah was quiet, but looked thoughtful. His blue eyes were full of mystery to Luke. Luke, for one, always felt the need to fill any conversation with speech. “I don’t really care which one we do. Whatever you want is cool.”

“Um, well, I was thinking, maybe As You Like It would be fun,” Noah said quietly. Luke had absolutely no knowledge of said play, and stared blankly for a moment. “I mean, if you want to. We don’t have to. We can do whatever you want to do.” Noah was rambling, and looked down, blushing slightly. Luke realized that his ignorance had been taken for dislike. He reached out and rested his hand on Noah’s arm.

“No, Noah. I just don’t know anything about it. Tell me.” Luke smiled a soft smile, and had to remind himself to remove his hand from Noah’s arm. He wasn’t thinking about how warm Noah felt, or the fact that Noah’s arms felt strong, despite how skinny he was. Nope. He wasn’t.

“Oh, well, I’ve only seen the movie, but it’s a love story. This girl, Rosalind, she has to leave and go into hiding. She dresses up as a boy to disguise herself. She ends up falling in love with a boy that she meets in the forest. He thinks she’s a man, though, since she’s disguised. It’s all pretty funny.” Noah smiled slightly.

“Do they end up together in the end?” Luke asked quietly. Noah nodded. He had such a gentle way about him. It drew Luke in like he couldn’t explain.

“Yeah,” Noah grinned. “They do.” Luke couldn’t stop himself from grinning too. He agreed that this sounded like a good play to do.

“Do you want to maybe come over tomorrow and we can watch the movie? Just to get ideas?” Luke asked. Noah. At his house. Yes. This sounded like an amazing plan.

Noah agreed, and they exchanged phone numbers, promising to meet after school the next day.

Noah hated the bell for ringing and interrupting his time with Luke. He had had an excuse to stare at him while they discussed their project, and he took full advantage. All that night he thought about Luke, and their study date tomorrow. He ate a silent, awkward dinner with his father, and daydreamed later while he was doing the dishes.

Maybe he would go to Luke’s house, and they would sit on the couch while they were watching the movie. They would be sitting close, so close that he would be able to feel the heat coming from Luke’s body. Maybe Luke’s hand would slip on top of his. Noah would look to him, and they would both smile, and scoot a little closer. Noah could smell his scent. It was toothpaste, and fresh air, and deodorant. Maybe Luke would lean in and kiss him gently. He would finally slide his fingers into Luke’s beautiful hair. He would-

“Noah. Son? What are you doing? Pay attention. You’ve had that water running for too long!” his father barked at him from the kitchen.

“Sorry, sir,” Noah replied. He sighed as he turned off the water. That night he dreamed of Luke Snyder.


Luke took extra care in getting ready the next morning. He fussed over his hair for a good deal longer than he usually did. It ended up looking like it always did, anyway. He snuck into his parents’ room, and found his Dad’s cologne. Holden Snyder was not much one for cologne, but even he wore it on special occasions.

His first couple of classes seemed to drag by as he waited for Shakespeare class to come. He found a sense of relief in discovering that Nicole was absent for the day. That was not how you were supposed to feel when your girlfriend wasn’t at school. You were supposed to be sad, and miss her. You were supposed to wish she was there, and text her to see how she was feeling. Instead he was thinking about Noah. He would see Noah in just a few short minutes. Then, after school, Noah would come to his house. How would he possibly concentrate on their project? How would he pretend he wasn’t staring?

He was excited to walk into Shakespeare, and waved to Noah when he entered the room. Noah smiled at him shyly, and waved. Luke was trying to make up his mind whether or not to sit with him when Tyler waved him over. “Hey Luke, come look at this video on Max’s cell phone! Dude that is sick!”

They had a substitute that day, so they watched a movie. The Reduced Shakespeare Company’s: Abridged Works was funny, and a great way to get in to Shakespeare. Luke was disappointed, because it didn’t afford him any opportunity to talk to Noah. It did allow for several long glances, though, under the cloak of darkness. Luke took full advantage. Noah had amazing lips. He had beautiful eyelashes. Had he ever though that about someone before? He didn’t think so.

Noah could feel Luke watching him. He kind of liked it. He licked across his lips, making sure to do it slowly. He ran his fingers through his hair, bit his bottom lip. He’d never thought he was exactly ugly, but didn’t think he’d ever felt worthy of being stared at. He really liked when Luke stared at him. They caught eyes a few times, and Luke smiled. He couldn’t wait until school was over.

When class ended, Noah agreed to meet Luke by his truck after school. His last few classes seemed to drag on forever. Finally, the final bell rang. Suddenly, Noah was nervous and excited all at once. He wasn’t completely sure why.

Luke leaned against his truck waiting for Noah to meet him. Faith was chatting away idly about one thing or another, but he couldn’t seem to really concentrate on what she was saying. Soon Noah was in his line of view, and he let out a deep breath he didn’t know he’d been holding. “Noah,” he grinned, “this is my little sister, Faith.”

“Aren’t you in my math class?” Noah asked Faith quizzically.

“Yeah, you sit in the second row, right?” he asked, shaking her hand. She nodded as they piled into the truck. Luke climbed into the driver’s seat, and Noah slid in next to him, Faith on the other side.

“Now that we’ve established that you’re both better than me at math…”

The conversation flowed easily between the three of them as Luke navigated the twenty minute drive back to the farm. Faith and Noah seemed to get along very well, and Luke was more than happy to listen to them talk while he drove. He had other things to focus on, like driving, and thinking about Noah’s leg, which was pressed right up next to his. They were so close that he took in Noah’s scent with every breath.

Luke was always proud to show people his home. As he pulled into the driveway, he could see the awe on Noah’s face.

“Wow…it’s like, a real farm,” Noah said quietly. Luke laughed.

“Yeah, it is,” Luke grinned as he slid out of the truck, “complete with horses and chickens.”

Noah had never seen anything like it. Luke lived on a real, honest to goodness farm. The house looked huge. A large barn stood a several yards away. He followed Luke and Faith into the house. He liked Faith. She was cute, and sweet. She looked a lot like her brother. They both had a sparkle in their eyes. As they entered through the kitchen, Noah took a deep breath. Luke’s home smelled like baked goods and felt like a warm summer day. A young boy and girl flung themselves at Luke as he entered the room.

“Luke! Luke! You’re home! We drew you a picture!” The boy was around 4, and the girl appeared to be around 8. “Faith! Hi!” They greeted Faith as well. Luke introduced them to Noah as his younger brother and sister. A beautiful woman with long hair and a gorgeous smile turned to them.

“Hi Luke, Faith. How was school, guys?” She leaned in and hugged Faith, and Luke gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Who’s your friend, sweetheart?”

Noah stepped forward, shyly. “Noah Mayer, Ma’am. Nice to meet you.” Noah held out his hand, and she took it between her own.

“It is very nice to meet you Noah.” Her presence was warm and comforting. Noah felt a pang of jealousy for a moment. How he wished for a mother like Luke’s. How nice would it be to come home to a family every day after school. Someone would ask him how his day was. Someone would hug him, kiss his cheek, and tell him they loved him. Instead, he came home to a dark, cold, empty house. He cleaned, and cooked in silence. He waited to hear the slam of the truck door, which meant his father was home. He hoped that he had not missed a spot while cleaning the windows, or undercooked the chicken. Luke had no idea how lucky he was.

“Now, boys, I’m baking some cookies. They should be done in about 45 minutes. I’ll call you when they’re ready.” With that Luke motioned Noah to follow him up the stairs and to his bedroom.

Luke made his way towards his room, Noah following close behind.

“Sorry about all that,” he said laughing. “My family can be a bit much sometimes, but I love them.”

“No, they’re great,” Noah smiled as they entered Luke’s room. It was mostly clean, but the bed was unmade, and there were a few sweatshirts on the floor. Luke kicked them aside as he shrugged his letterman jacket off and tossed it on his bed. Noah didn’t think his room had ever been this out of order in his whole life. His father wouldn’t allow it.

“We can sit on the floor, if that’s okay,” Luke hauled a large bean bag out of a corner of his room, and set it so they could be facing the flatscreen that hung on his wall.

“Wow…” Noah looked at it in awe as he sat on the beanbag. “That’s yours? That’s awesome.”

“Yeah,” Luke grinned. “My Grandmother bought it for me for Christmas. She spoils me.” Noah watched as Luke leaned over to put the disc into the DVD player. And, no, he wasn’t staring at Luke’s butt, no he wasn’t. As soon as he got the movie playing, Luke flopped down next to Noah. There was enough room for both of them, but they were close enough that Noah could feel the heat of Luke’s body. He could smell him. He wished he were tasting him. The film began, and they began to watch. For some reason, Noah couldn’t stop stealing glances at Luke’s mouth. Luke kept licking his lips. God, why was he doing that? He knew what he was doing. He had to know what he was doing.

Luke knew what he was doing as he slowly ran the tip of his tongue across his lips. He could feel Noah watching him. This had to be something. Noah had to be interested, right? This couldn’t just be coincidence. All Luke knew, was that it was taking everything in him not to touch Noah right now. He scooted just a little closer, and now their legs were pressed against each other. Noah turned away from the movie to look at Luke, and Luke stared straight at him. “I…” Luke was about to speak, he had no idea what he was going to say, but he had to say something. The tension between them was so thick that if it were fog, you wouldn’t be able to see your hand in front of you. Suddenly, it was broken by the sound of Lily’s voice cutting through the room.

“Boys! Hey Luke, honey! The cookies are ready! Come get ‘em while they’re hot!”

Luke shot up quickly and brushed his hair back with his fingers, his breath shaky. “Um, I should…I mean, I’ll go get us some cookies. Okay?”

“Yeah. I’ll pause it. Great, go ahead,” Noah rambled as he saw Luke disappear out the door. He felt like such an idiot.

Now that Luke was gone, Noah took the opportunity to look around his room. Noah was nosy by nature. He loved nothing more than going through an old garage, or sifting through a box of mismatched photos. He stood, and stretched his arms above his head. The room was fairly plain. The walls were painted sky blue, and the carpet was a plush white. It felt soft beneath him. The shelves and desks were laden with an odd mix of childhood toys and high school interests. He noticed several notebooks spread out on the desks. He glanced at one that was open. The page was filled with Luke’s messy scrawl. Noah didn’t read it. He didn’t want to intrude that far. He really wasn’t going to read what Luke had written, but something caught his eye. His name was there.

His heart jumped in his chest. Luke had been writing about him. He couldn’t believe it. He couldn’t help but read now.

This new kid, Noah. His eyes are the bluest eyes I have ever seen. I can’t stop staring at him. I hate it. I hate myself for it. I like him though. I like his blue eyes.

Noah stopped himself. He felt awful for intruding. He couldn’t wipe the smile from his face, though. Now he knew. He knew Luke felt the same way. He knew Luke was hiding, just like he was. He turned to the bed, and Luke’s letterman jacket caught his eye. Luke looked really good in that jacket. Noah remembered seeing Luke’s girlfriend wearing the jacket a few days prior. He reached out and touched the leather of the sleeve. He looked at the jacket carefully. Luke had lettered in basketball. Noah’s mind drifted to what Luke would look like shirtless in a pickup game. When it came to Luke, his imagination ran wild. He picked up the jacket, and he could smell Luke’s scent on it. He suddenly found himself struck with the urge to try it on. Before he could stop himself he was slipping it on. It was warm, and heavy. He felt Luke all around him. He inhaled deeply for a moment. He was just sliding the jacket off when he heard a voice come from the doorway behind him.

“Noah? What are you-?”

“Oh my God, Luke! I am so sorry. I was just, uh, I was…” Think of an excuse, Think of any excuse his brain pleaded with him. His heart pounded so hard he was sure they could hear it in outer space. “I was trying it on to see what size I, uh…” He trailed off again. His cheeks were bright pink now, and fuck, why did he still have the jacket on? Luke was moving toward him now. Noah froze. Was he going to hit him? Tell him he was a freak? Tell him he hated him? Kick him out of his house? Luke reached up toward him, and Noah flinched away.

“Noah…” Luke spoke quietly. It was almost a whisper. He hand came to the collar of the jacket, fixing it where it was crooked. “It looks good on you. Really good.” Luke’s eyes were locked on his, and Noah felt like he couldn’t breathe. Luke’s hand slipped down the front of the jacket and stilled on Noah’s chest. Could he feel how fast Noah’s heart was beating?

“I…what? It does?” Noah felt like it was the dumbest thing he had ever said, but he had no idea what else to say. All he could think about was Luke’s hand on his chest right now.

“Yeah. Really good,” Luke repeated. Then Luke was leaning in very slowly, as if to give Noah time to stop him. Noah never would. Now Luke’s lips were pressing against his. It was an easy, soft, chaste kiss.

When they pulled away after a moment, Luke felt as though a bolt of electricity had shot through his veins. All he wanted to do was dive into Noah. Hold him, kiss him, taste him. He had made the first move, though. It was Noah’s turn now. His hand still laid over Noah’s chest, and he could feel how fast his heart was beating. Noah looked so sexy right now. He had always thought this tall, lanky, blue-eyed kid was cute, but not sexy. Now, though, now, Noah wore his coat. Luke’s coat. He never thought it would be so hot to see someone wearing his clothes. He imagined Noah in one of his tshirts, and he shivered. Then there were Noah’s lips. He couldn’t stop staring. Noah’s lips were perfect. Noah’s eyes bore into him, and Luke just stayed very still. This was Noah’s move.

Finally, Noah answered Luke’s prayers and captured his lips again. This kiss was more fervent than the last, and Noah’s hand came up to cup Luke’s cheek. His touch was feather-light, and soft. Luke pressed his body nearer to Noah’s, and kissed him with growing passion every second. His hand slid up into Noah’s dark hair. They kissed like they’d been made to do it; like they had been doing it for years. The newness, though, made Luke’s heart race in a pace to match Noah’s. Now Noah’s tongue was pressing for entrance into Luke’s mouth, and Luke allowed him in, sighing softly.

Noah thought that the sound that Luke made as he kissed him was the hottest thing he had ever heard in his life. He felt a jolt go straight to his crotch, and he lifted his free hand up to grip at the back of Luke’s neck. Their tongues met in what seemed like a dance. Nothing well-choreographed, just lazy and lovely. After several long minutes they finally came up for air. Noah blushed and bit his bottom lip, looking down a little. He suddenly felt shy and vulnerable. Luke’s hand kept moving softly through Noah’s hair. Noah loved the way that felt. The way Luke looked at him made him feel things he had never felt before. Luke made him feel…worthy.

“That was amazing,” Luke breathed softly. Noah nodded. He wasn’t sure if he could breathe quite yet.

“Yeah. Wow. I’ve never…I mean I always wanted to, you know, with a guy. I just…sorry I’m rambling.” Noah was adorable. Luke couldn’t help but smile, and kiss him lightly again.

“I never have either. I mean, you know, with a guy.” They both laughed softly, and Luke backed up a little, sitting down his bed. He took Noah’s hand, and pulled him along with him. He looked at Noah seriously, choosing his words carefully in is head before speaking them. When he finally put them to speech, he could barely believe what was coming from between his own lips.

“I think I’m gay, Noah.”

It was meant to be a moment of serious revelation, but Noah couldn’t help but to laugh softly. Luke cracked a smile as well.

“Yeah Luke,“ Noah leaned in and kissed him again. “I think you are, and so am I.”

The rest of the afternoon felt like a dream. They kissed, ate cookies, and spoke quietly until 6:00 when Noah had to go home. They shared hopes and dreams. Deep secrets, and dark thoughts. Luke couldn’t believe that he could feel so close and comfortable with someone he had just met. They left each other with the promise of meeting the next day.

As he lay down to bed that night, all Noah could think of was Luke. Touching him, kissing him. That soft hair, those perfect lips. He couldn’t believe that the day had been real. He couldn’t believe he would be seeing Luke again tomorrow. Luke was going to pick him up and show him around his property. Noah was excited to see the farm. Luke said they might even be able to ride horses. Noah was mostly excited to see Luke. He couldn’t wait to see him again.

He was just drifting off when his phone chimed the small sound that meant he had a text message. He rolled over, and fished for his phone on his bedside table. He opened the phone and clicked into the message.

From: Luke

Message: Wish I was kissing you again right now. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow-Luke

Noah smiled, and quickly keyed in a few characters.

From: Noah

Message: Can’t wait to kiss you again. Tomorrow will be amazing-Noah

With that image and hope in his mind, Noah set his phone back on his bedside table and drifted off to sleep.

Part 2
random_nic: lukeplusnoahrandom_nic on August 5th, 2011 04:34 am (UTC)
Your high school Nuke is wonderful! So sweet and adorable (even for Nuke LOL). I love the innocence and newness of everything between them here. You do a great job helping us to feel what they're feeling.
Bri: Noah-j'adorebrisync on September 12th, 2011 09:29 am (UTC)
I can't believe I never answered this, but thanks so much for your sweet comment!
dirklover23dirklover23 on August 5th, 2011 09:22 am (UTC)
Aww high school Luke and Noah are so cutiepie. Really liked this chapter :)
Bri: Jake-knockoutbrisync on September 12th, 2011 09:30 am (UTC)
Late late late in replying, but thank you so much!
seajellybabyseajellybaby on August 5th, 2011 11:30 am (UTC)
Totally cool that you bring in the Shakespeare angle… Since Shakespear is all about love at first sight, right? And that’s just what’s happened to our boys. Their little looks and thoughts about each other… just adorable.
Bribrisync on September 12th, 2011 09:30 am (UTC)
I loove Shakespeare. I'm so late, but thanks for your comment!
Katicusfreakykat on September 12th, 2011 07:49 am (UTC)
So just to let you know I have a thing for HS AU's, okay? LIKE FAVE TROPE EVER.

So this?

Totally hits all my kinks about that. LOVE THE BEGINNING. LOVE LOVE NOAH. The fact that he knows himself so well makes me happy. As a character Noah always seemed so self-aware so it works that he knows he's gay. I enjoy when Luke is the one in "denial" or "hiding" mostly because it's very canonical, you know?

Bri: Luka- OH yeah!brisync on September 12th, 2011 09:31 am (UTC)
Aww I'm so glad that you like it! That means a lot! It started as a plotbunny forever ago and I never thought I'd write a whole fic on it! Strange how things write themselves. <3
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This story is so sweet and innocent....I really enjoyed it and I am now moving on to part two with an excited breath...